Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My baby's first trip

Joel has spent approximately half of the weekends between here and last October (excluding Christmas) on volleyball road trips, which is fine. Since we're never home at the same time anyways, I'm used to puttering around by myself, and the only real trouble comes when it's time to go to bed, because I don't know when that is. That's one of those things I can only now decide in a collective.

For the most part, I usually go out with friends when Joel's gone, or go hang out upstairs with my landlords, and then I come home and spend some time with my laptop (whom I love) before picking up a book and a bag of chips and heading to bed, because I can eat in bed, because I'm the only one in it.

This weekend, though, Joel asked if he could borrow my laptop and bring it with him to Provincials, since they'll be gone from the afternoon today until the morning Sunday and he has more than a few things coming up due. I said no.

- You need it to take notes in class?

- ...Actually, no. I don't use it for my afternoon class today nor my evening class tomorrow, and the class I have tomorrow morning where I would usually use it has been cancelled.

- So I can bring it?

- Well, crap. Yes.

But it makes me so nervous, see. I have no problem lending my laptop out to people, and this fact has probably contributed to the overwhelming number of viruses I've contracted over the years, but for it to take the ferry and go all the way over to the Island by itself, without me to look out for it? What if it gets stolen? Or someone spills a Slushee on Joel's duffel bag? Because obviously that sort of thing wouldn't happen if I was there to keep an eye out.

Joel came to kiss be goodbye before he left to meet up with the rest of the team, and after I told him to drive safe and play hard and earn my love, I bent down and whispered 'Godspeed, little laptop. Godspeed.'

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Nathan & Melissa said...

Raych - the title had me thinking there might be a bun in the oven...:) But my hopes were quickly dashed! :) Hope the boys do great this weekend!