Thursday, February 14, 2008

Return of the Camera, Pt. I

Alright, liebchens, I am back. I have written two midterms, one essay, and several short assignments, AND I fixed my camera. Now I can share with you all those lovely pictures I took of my brother's wedding.

In a recent email, my aunt called Bekah and I 'trouble making shit disturbing 'back of the church' rehearsal rebels,' which is not all true. We started the wedding rehersal (as the pictures will clearly show) at the front of the church, and then were sent to the back because of all the trouble-making and shit-disturbing we were doing. But we couldn't help it, because look how hilarious we are.

I know, hilarious, right? And really, we tried to keep it together and amuse ourselves quietly, but then this happened.

Look at this picture. No, really look at it. Look at Bekah's eyes. They point in opposite directions! Not like this:

Anyone can do that. They point in the other opposite directions! Look closer!!!!!!!!

I know! It was totally worth her coming with me. For both of us.

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