Sunday, December 05, 2010


Ok so.  The Book Expo of America is a THING in New York that all my book blogger friends go to every year and hang out and chatter and meet authors and publishers and then come home with group photos that I am not in because New York is far away.  It is an incredibly huge deal.

I decided about a month ago that I was going to scrape together my pennies this year and go, because (as that tear-jerking song they play during the Stanley Cup finals goes) the chance may never come again.  I.e. I will eventually be procreating and then I will have to find somewhere to stash my babies for a week and who needs that hassle?

Y'ANYway, I mentioned this to my sister and she was all I WILL COME WITH YOU except probably not, because it barely makes sense for me to go, and I am a book-blogger.  So I tried not to get my hopes up about her coming, but secretly I did a little bit.

Last weekend when she was out with the In-Law Contingent she gave me a package from mom and dad, which (when opened) was a set of Mapkins (maps on napkins!  How droll) of New York, and a note saying 'This is a round ticket to NY w/ your sis.'  And I was all, This note makes no sense, as tickets are not round.  Mother is so amusing.

But then boo is like, No, they're sending us.  We both get to go.

And then I shrieked and cried a little bit in the restaurant in front of the In-Law Contingent whom I had just met and they were very sweet about it and then boo and I shared a quesadilla and were like THIS IS HOW WE WILL DO IN NEW YORK, we will share all the meals.

And so I am going to New York with my sister next May, and it will be a sisterday adventure like never before!  WHAT LARKS!

Only 166 more days.

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