Thursday, December 02, 2010

Why can't sitting in my paper-writing chair feel this amazing?

The weather has finally and officially turned, which means that when I go running I am effectively combining two things I hate: running and being cold.  (I tried running in the gym but that also combines two things I hate: running and being bored.  PLUS then I have to get to the gym.)

I hate running.  I hate running in the cold so much more than I hate running.  I hate the searing lungs, I hate the nasty way everything feels on your cold skin afterwards, I hate that I have to wear all of the things.

But running makes me feel like the healthiest person in the world, and that's not a feeling I take lightly.  If there was anything that made me feel half as good as running does, I would do THAT instead, and do it twice.

So me and my bad knee and my stupid socks and my headband will be out there, running and hating it and waiting for spring.

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Katie, Interrobangs Anon. said...

I can only run at the gym, where I'm able to watch terribly reality shows on E! at the same time. Otherwise, it's Zumba for me where I show the world just how fabulously uncoordinated I am. But boy do you sweat!