Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Weekend, in Bullets

To save time:

  • I thought boo and I were frugal fiends because we found dresses for $16.50 until I found this gal and her dress-a-day-for-a-dollar.  Now I want to go buy up some muumuus and snip them into summer frocks.
  • Boo and I bought the same dress for $16.50.  Also we bought the same ruffled tank.  Eventually our entire wardrobes will be doppelgangers.
  • I want to make out with Vancouver Public Transit and its many, largely punctual buses.
  • I held a Baby Byrd.  Also, Momma Byrd looks amazing.
  • We went to boo's in-laws' for her birthday dinner, and there were more dessert options than dinner eats.
  • I have a Chinese cousin now.
  • Also, unless you are the wedding photographer, taking photos at a wedding is an exercise in your camera's weaknesses.  On the other hand...
  • Something about a camera flash makes everyone's hair look shiny and healthy, when we know otherwise.
  • Everyone is so good to me.  Thanks for chauffeuring my car-less ass all over town, boo and Darren and mom and dad (and, when I got back to the island, Joel).
Back to the grindstone, nose.

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