Friday, December 17, 2010

Miles to go before I sleep, and all that.

My last exam is tonight at 7 (I know, right?) but I still owe Joel a birthday dinner from last January so we're going out at 4, which means that I have just under eight hours to study and pack for the mainland.  After the exam we're going out for drinks and tomorrow we catch an early ferry to make a wedding on the mainland.  I like to give myself lots of time between THINGS in case something goes wrong, so I am feeling distinctly itchy about all these back-to-back time-sensitive activities.

I've been reading theory for the last two days, and saved all the easy ones for this morning so I could whiz through them, which means I'm reading an overwhelming pile of feminist and post-colonial theory.  Everyone is so angry, but at least they refrain from saying things like 'the center is not the center' and 'a superabundance of supplementarity,' so I can deal with a little rage.

There are many things yet to do, and I don't think I will feel settled until we get to the wedding tomorrow.  Preferably on time.

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Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Go post-colonial theory! I once wrote a brilliant treatise on the "colonization" of the edgelands in Wuthering Heights using a lot of Said.

Good luck with everything!