Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It never ends. Except that, on Friday, it will end.

I am done a final, and it was the most poorly-constructed final of my life.  I will go on a bit of a tear after the grades are in and I am no longer secretly afraid that my prof will find me shooting my mouth off over here (he seems like the type).  Let's just say that I think I pulled it out.

Upon completion of which, I received my final paper back and phew.  My cleverly-arranged nonsense had all the appearance of scholarship.  And you're all, Raych, you are being modest.  But nay.  If I were to give you this paper to read, the academically-minded among you would be all, But this is just a series of digressions on Jane Austen, loosely tacked to Northanger Abbey!  And I would be all, *nods smugly*

I am trying to resist the siren song of literally everything that is not my theory final, but my theory final looms large.  I have just over two days.  Come here, Saussure, and I will read you.

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