Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My birthday and also do I look Crayola in this?

I had a birthday!  And at the last minute we were invited to a friend's parents' cabin on Gabriola Island, so we scuttled over there Saturday morning after Joel got off call, and it was sunny so we 'hiked' a little bit

and then lay on the beach like walruses and watched the dogs chase the childrens.  That night we had a campfire and birthday cake.

And the next day it was dismal

so we sat around a weird island cafe full of weird island art talking about how weird all the islands are and then Joel and I hopped the tiny ferry and drove back to Victoria to watch the Canucks game and I got another cake.

So many cakes!

Now that that's out of the way, can we talk about my outfit?  I wouldn't keep asking you guys for fashion advice if you weren't all so damned stylish.  You have only yourselves to blame.  (The other day I dressed myself and it was ALL WRONG but I couldn't put my BRAIN-FINGER on what was wrong and I thought, I will make the internets tell me, but I was late so I wore something else completely and I will have to recreate the Wrong Outfit for you some other time so you can weigh in.)

This is mostly a question of color.

I love the bright blue with all the muted, mustardy colors on the skirt.  However, I also know that I am prone to wanting to wear ALL THE COLORS.  So.  Bright and fine, or dressed by a four-year-old?


Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Honestly, the only rule should be: If you like it, wear it!

Actually, there should be a second rule about always wearing underpants, and maybe one about just saying no to fanny packs, but definitely the wear-what-you-love one. And the underwear one.

I like this combination very much and think you done good.

blackbird said...

Better with the jacket, but I'm really not a good advisor on color.

Anna said...

I love it, but then I am also a fan of wearing all the colours and am resistant to change. I think the fact that the top is solid makes it all ok and spring is the time to look crayola, easter egg, rainbow, etc.

Lorin said...

I fear pattern (on me) and I think it looks cute, so I think you're fine.

leahandmichael said...

love the outfit! the colours are great together! and i agree that if YOU like it and are working it, then its allll good. although i might not agree about the fanny packs... gotta love a good bum bag

Isabelle said...

I'm ancient so don't listen to me, but I think that the top would go better with a skirt which included that blue colour. On the other hand, you're young and pretty, so you look lovely anyway.

AnthonyT said...

bright and fine!!!

AnthonyT said...

uh that was Katy by the way. Although I'm sure Anthony would agree :)