Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cruisecation: Day Eight

This was our last day on the boat, so all of the things we'd planned to do before our cruise was over came a-calling.

Get burgers and fries and onion rings and shakes at Johnny Rockets?


Ride the carousel?


Take photos by the expensive car while the photographer is on lunch so that he doesn't charge us to take photos by the expensive car?


Browse the shops for over-priced souvenirs, including $3000 bottles of whisky?


Eat at the cupcakery, even though we were already too full to live?

Check.  Oh cupcakes, you were such a dry disappointment.

Climb the climbing wall?

Check for everyone who wanted to, except for me because I was too fat to fit into a harness.

Between the burgers and the bottomless onion rings and the cupcakes, I was the least hungry I'd ever been.  But that has never deterred me from a pineapple and raspberry soup:

a bacon gnocci:

and a key lime tart.

And then we all went back to our rooms and moaned over our bellies and mournfully packed up our things.

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blackbird said...

I think you are probably having one of the most nutritionally fulfilling pregnancies in the history of the world. Or Canada, at least.