Sunday, September 18, 2011

It is a wide and varied place.

Last night I went to the Richmond night market, which is all fried squid heads

and mushroom shoots wrapped in beef strips

and pork brains sui mai

and scallops with wasabi mayo

and steamed buns filled with pulled pork

and incongruous cowboys

and smoke and haze and shouting and rain.

And then this morning I went to the Granville Island market, which is all $110 handmade totes and paperies and hats with tulle and carefully-stacked fruits.

And I ate fried treats at each.


Jane said...

We don't stack our fruit like that in the valley. I paused to look at fruit displays for quite awhile myself. In awe that no one pulled out the bottom cherry to make em tumble.

Civilized shoppers in Vancouver.

blackbird said...

I am especially impressed at your ability to cope with the variety of foods at any given time, in your condition.
The gestating.