Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have been a crafty fish

I have been alchemizing some things.  Ok so yes, I am turning me and Joel into me, Joel, and a third person, but that is a very hands-free activity.

Hands-wise, in my spare time I have turned this pile of fabric

into this jaunty skirt

and this pile of fabric

into this sack-like dress

which I patterned after this dress

which I bought in Turkey and whipped on one day, figuring I could still wear it since IT IS A SACK, before realizing that even sacks have their limits.  And then also this dress which I could never solve the boobs of

into this skirt, which has no boobs at all

and a bunch of bibs and babs into this necklace

and an old sheet into this pillowcase for my much-beloved body pillow.

And also, I've been lugging around my booze-bottles-full-of-change from when I worked at Red Robin, both because I liked the way they looked and because I was too lazy to roll them.

I always said to myself that one day I'd be poor and pregnant and have no money for clothes, and that I'd roll them then, and LO!  Here we are.  So I turned this (the birdhouse is full of quarters.  Not full, because I used to raid it for bus fare, but full-ish)

into this

and eventually into $187-worth of Things That Fit Me.

I am a freaking wizard.


J.Symes said...

Pinterest has done you well friend. I am obsessed.

Cori (Let's Eat Grandpa) said...

Well done! I have a couple dresses with unsolvable boobs that I am now going to turn into skirts.

Jonathan said...

you are amazing!!! I can't believe you made all those are a crafty craftster! You've come a long way since our jean squares quilt lessons my dear :) I have only a sewing maching who refuses to go I am stuck to stopping pulling the fabric back over and over again until it is not going to fray...alas I do not sew much! Maybe one day.....

blackbird said...

That's exactly what I was thinking: you are a freaking wizard.