Friday, September 09, 2011

Cruisecation: Day Six

Cruise day!  Naps!  Reads!  Pools!  Drinks!  Moving elsewhere for more different naps!  Dad met his doppelgänger and they ping-pong-battled for hours!

Literally nothing happened on this day except that I ordered badly for the first time and then did not want my flabby roast beef, so I ate Gillian's moussaka instead, which she did not want because Simon had also brought her a curry, because he was like that.

I also had roasted peach soup

and a disappointing and mis-labelled 'red-berry tart.'  I expect my red-berry tarts to be both tart-like and containing red berries!  Whatever, Gillian's first order of cherries jubilee came accidentally with almonds, so I ate that as well.

Thank goodness Gillian was there, or else I would have starved (except no, we went for pizza at late hours because we could.  And because the potato-chicken pizza was amazing).

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