Friday, March 02, 2012

As she is still too young, I will again be eating her cupcake.

Another month has passed, let's check in with them thighs.

They are FOR PINCHING like you wouldn't believe. It's like pinching bread dough. For a quick reminder of what these thighs looked like four pounds ago:

Those do not invite the same nibbling.

Accomplishments this month include them thighs, social smiles, HAIR AGAIN FINALLY THANK GOODNESS BECAUSE WAS SHE EVER LOOKING RIDICULOUS, and I'm not counting any chickens but she has slept eight straight hours for the last three nights running. That is all I will say, for fear of jinxitude.


fresh baby can't see you from there,and isn't going to try

two-month-old not only can SEE you but is STOKED about your face

She is my favorite baby.


Melissa Ward said...

Awww, what a dolly!! She's grown so much :)

Shari said...

She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Amy said...

Oh, Raych. Something about your posts just grabs my heart and squeezes it. My kids are almost grown, but your updates on new motherhood just tweak so many almost-forgotten feelings. (She is your favorite baby indeed!) I always check your blog first every morning, even before BIDR, which was always my go-to blog. Books and babies: my two favorite things. So cool to have YOU writing about them. Also congratulations on your darling baby girl!

Jenners said...

Oh those wrinkly legs are to die for!! But the chubby ones are best for nibbling!

Vasilly said...

Oh my God, she is so cute! Look at that smile!