Saturday, March 31, 2012

I should be getting THREE cupcakes.

Three months! I am too young to have a babelette so old.

Thigh check! Four-day old thighs:

Three-month thighs!

Oooooh, pinchies! Pinch a-pinch a-pinch!

New superpowers include putting herself to sleep in her own crib LIKE A PERSON, sleeping through the night, exacting tiny baby vengeance for being forced to put herself to sleep by no longer sleeping through the night, LAUGHING OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, and a wide array of dolphin-sounds.

Also, her hands. She's not super-good at directing them (unless it's To The Mouth) but she knows they are hers, and she'll watch them float around in front of her sometimes like, Woah, this is a weird trip.

fresh new baby cannot distinguish you from the surrounding stimuli

three-month-old baby thinks you are a RIOT

In sum, greater awareness + more sleep = grand times. 

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Reading Rambo said...

"My hands are HUGE. They can touch anything but themselves...oh wait."