Friday, March 30, 2012

Stuff I Have Pinned And Actually Made, Because Otherwise It's Just a Lazy Time-Waster

Pinterest is a lazy time-waster ANYWAY, but at least stuff comes of it. Mostly calories.

Caramelitas. Deviating from the recipe to add nuts because nuts are delicious. These were also SUPER-DELICIOUS. And easy. I am a fan of easy like I can't even.

Bacon cheddar ranch pull-apart bread. It was surprisingly difficult to pull apart, for all that it's IN THE NAME. Will have to re-evaluate serving method. Tasted surprisingly whatever-fine for something covered in cheddar and bacon and drenched in ranch.

November cakes for book club on The Scorpio Races. The recipe is the author's own. The orange extract was completely unnecessary (because untastable), so I would either double it or leave it out next time. Otherwise, MAN THESE WERE A-TASTY.

Feeties! Ok this one's not done, I have to stamp her feeties again at 6 months and a year. And for the feetie on the left, she placed each of her painted toes down delicately, but for the feetie on the right, she schmeeered them. Babies: not good at arts.

Lemon bar cookie cups. SOOOO DIFFICULT to get out of the muffin tin intact. I tried, like, eight different strategies, and in the end it was easiest to just follow the recipe's instructions and deal with a bit of breakage. Oh, and I used my own lemon curd. Oh, and it made a mazillion, so next time I would make half of the dough (but the same amount of lemon curd so that I had leftovers to eat with a spoon. LEMOOOON CURD!). These would be excellent for a tea party - so daintylike - and are as good or better the next day. Make aheadsies!

Red velvet whoopie pies. I don't usually whisk together the dry ingredients for things due to excessive laziness and a general mistrust of extra steps, but for this you NEED to. Like, even more so than I actually did. BREAK UP THE COCOA CLUMPS is what I'm saying. And I think I over-mixed the batter as a result, and I think they were toughish as a more further result. But oh man, so delicious. I used this cream cheese frosting as a filling (also found on pinterest).

5-ingredient meltaway cookies. These are just straight-up shortbread, let's not lie to ourselves. Shortbread is the grossest cookie I can think of. My cookie-eating face, it is sad.

Pinterest makes me drunk, so prepare to see more posts in this vein.

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