Monday, March 19, 2012

I should get her a strip of leather to chew on. Like olden times.

I know it's early, but we think Eleanor might be teething? Her sleep patterns are thrown off, she drools like a bulldog, and she's gotten really bitey.





blackbird said...

Nice robot.

Anna @ hiddenponies said...

I hope she is not like Kristopher. He started teething around that age and has never really stopped. He has 4.5 teeth to show for it, at a year and a half old. Ergh.

Melissa Ward said... youngest niece started "teething" practices about 3 mos, but didn't actually cut a tooth until about 6.5. And she drooled like CRAZY. And gnawed on everything. And ate like a piglet (she was the fattest baby I'd ever seen! but such cute fat cheeks!)

PS, love the robot shirt in the 3rd pic :)

Amanda said...

My Eleanor was and is the world's worth teether. I hope yours is not like that. She started the same stuff around the same age, but her first tooth did not actually make its appearance until she was 10 months old. She is currently 20 months and has been working on her canines for about two or three months now with no end in sight. May your child not be like this.