Saturday, September 07, 2013

A crate of puppies: cures what ails you.

We were at a street fair today because, I mean, it's a Saturday in Saskatoon, right? There was one of those adopt-a-puppy cages and we went STRAIGHT THERE and I was like, E, do you want to pet a puppy? And she was like, really?

And then she was like, Okayyyyy...

And then she was like, PAT PAT PAT

And then she was like, Move, big kid. These puppies need a proper pattin'.

And at these sorts of street fairs there is usually a belly dancer or two

and Eleanor is always really into them.

This fair also had a hoola-hoop dancer who was Very Serious About Her Craft.

Eleanor drove the fire truck

and had a sip of free slurpee (which did not really jive with her)

and tried to feed a sheep some grass.

Then we came home and cleaned the house and I made her sweep because she drops the most food.

All in all, a good day.

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Kayleigh vW said...

She seems super gentle with animals. Mothering gold star for you.