Friday, September 06, 2013

Each hour was, like, three hours long.

Today was my one day a month where I get a little sad and lonely and sick of living in a new city, but also a little misanthropic, and we had a swimming date this morning which probably would have turned things around but then Joel needed the car and I couldn't muster myself to bike to the pool.

We're sort of at loose ends too because all the outdoor pools are closed now, and that was kind of our go-to empty-afternoon-killing activity. Yesterday we went to the library but I don't want to wear that shoe out before winter, so today we just futzed around the house, making lasagnas for the freezer, and when we couldn't stand ourselves anymore we went to the park for an hour.

The delights of swinging like you have no bones.

Still the world's most cautious slider.

Pour the sand on your shoulder, see if I care. Giving you a bath when we get home will kill at least another half hour.


Amy said...

Oh, Raych. I remember those loooong days. You have an amazing way of bringing back memories for me.

Anna said...

Some days have too many hours, it's a fact.

Kayleigh vW said...

Oh no, I hope you're not a-Whomping! I think it's the moving thing. It uses up so much of your energy and hope reserves that, once you get there, everything just kind of sucks. But it'll get better! You can't help but make wonderful friends because you are, in fact, wonderful. (At first I accidentally typed "in face, wonderful." That would've been true too.) We need to move to the same city.

Reading Rambo said...

Omg. All those pictures. are. hilarious. She's gonna have the best montage when she graduates high school.

Constance said...

When I saw your title and the first pix I thought E was groaning... "I can't believe there is no more pool. Makes the day drag on." But she wasn't was she.