Sunday, September 01, 2013

Camping 2.0: The Soakening.

We went camping. It rained, and thundered, and our tent leaked. My pillow soaked through. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of us roasting my pillow over the campfire to dry it out. 

Hey, that looks inviting. Let's camp there.

It stopped raining for twenty minutes on the first day, in which we set up our tent and Eleanor discovered puddles.

The rains that first day were torrential. Joel went to the bathroom and was trapped there for twenty minutes because the rain was too heavy for him to make it back to the campsite.

We wedged diapers strategically around the tent to catch the drips. Thank goodness for Eleanor's pack-n-play, which kept her out of the worst of the wet. And for Waskesiu: The Town and its Nature Center.

We spent most of the first day there, and the morning of the second, petting dead things and making their skulls yawp.

The afternoon of the second day, it stopped raining and we went to the beach in pants.

Except for me, because I forgot to pack pants. Because I am an idiot. I also forgot to pack cutlery, so we had to eat with the wooden spoon and spatula that we cooked with.

This morning dawned bright and sunny, and we went straight to the beach. Eleanor made a sandcastle of my legs

and then slept the three hours home.

Overall, Eleanor was great so the trip was great.

And Snuggles got filthier than I'd ever thought possible.

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