Tuesday, September 03, 2013

We are adapting to a life without pools.

I was digging through storage yesterday and found this princess dress that I got from my aunt Sylvia before Eleanor was born.

I wish I'd had the video camera on as I was putting it on her. I wish I'd been taking these photos anywhere but downstairs, where the lighting is terrible and my clothes are drying on a rack in the background.

But I will love these photos anyway, because I will never, ever recapture how delighted she was with herself.

And then today we went in the backyard and blew bubbles. Come down here, bubbles!

Come back here, bubbles!

I gotchyew, ground-bubbles.

Oh my, bubbles!

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Reading Rambo said...

COMMENTING ON ALL YOUR THINGS. Because for a moment of seriousness: it's really, really lovely how much you love and enjoy her, and love when she's happy. And I'm glad she liked the dress so much.