Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tante tante tante!

Eleanor's tante Tina came for a visit. Eleanor was leery for about five minutes, like she does, and then she was wildly in love. 'Tante hold a hand?'

'Tante sliiiiiide!'

'Tante wear a sunglasses!'

'Tante lay down!'

'Tante read it?'

'Tante read it more book?'

'Tante ALL healthy!'

Eleanor is not, however, all healthy. She's been running a fever since yesterday, and after Tante left, she went from this

to this

to this

in the space of one Disney's Robin Hood.

If our track record is any indication, we are allergic to family. There has to be some sort of inoculation against this.


Rebekah Joy Plett said...

MY TURN. Not to be sick, but to be auntie.

blackbird said...

Disney's Robin Hood!

My boys grew up on that.

I hope our sweet baby is better soon.
(She would never be allergic to me.)

Laura said...

Poor baby! Hope she feels better soon.