Thursday, September 12, 2013

We're all full up of strawberries and beets.

Keeping busy to ward off the whomps. The pools (I may have mentioned) are closed, but not all of them are LOCKED, so we have been running very amuck in them.

There's a lever on this post, and no one - not the other moms, not the lifeguards - knows what it does or used to do. Besides tickle Eleanor's fancy.

Eleanor got her 18-month shots, only 2 months late! We brought her pterydactyl and her syringe for comfort and distraction. She didn't cry at all, just looked at my irritatedly like, Why are you holding my arm? Also, something hurts.

I cannot stop taking pictures of her, eating. They are always my favorite pictures.

You, of course, remember old Sock Hands.

We went to the Farmer's Market. Eleanor had to bring her backpack so she'd have a way to carry Snuggles without actually carrying him (she spent most of the time just carrying him anyway. Along with her packpack).

They have a story time there on Wednesdays. It's not very good, it's just a woman reading books for an hour with no songs and no opportunities for movement, but mothers who don't want to be ceaselessly reading to their own children can't be choosy.

We painted with water on the paving stones, which is what you do when you want to paint but you don't want to make a mess.

We are going to do this all the time now, until it gets cold.

Our neighbor's neighbor is in his 80s, and his whole yard is a garden. His kids don't come by for produce as much as they used to, so he gave us an armful of beets.

We went to the Strawberry Ranch today. Eleanor thought she'd died and gone to heaven, berries everywhere. She'd go, Ohhhh, GOOD one! And I'd go, You found a good one? And she'd go, YEP. Like we weren't surrounded by good ones.

And I'd say, Is it a red one? And she'd go, Nope, lellow one. And I'd say, Just leave the yellow ones. So she'd put it in the basket, and I'd have to explain that I meant leave them on the plant. And then she'd go, Ohhhhh, nanother good one!


blackbird said...

When it gets cold out she might like to "clean" the kitchen cabinets with a spritz bottle of water and a rag.
(My boys loved to do that.)

Jeane said...

This made me really smile. My two-year-old says "lellow" too, and "packpack". I thought it was just her! (silly me)

Reading Rambo said...