Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'll get plenty of personal space when I'm old and no one comes to visit me in the nursing home.

I love Eleanor so much right now, and not being able to give her my full attention all the time has really made precious those moments when someone else has Geneva, or she's asleep but not on my body, and I get to concentrate all my affection on my best toddler.

And she hasn't gotten clingy but she has gotten close. When she sits next to me on the couch, she basically sits on my hip, and sometimes I have to ask her to scootch so we both have room for our books.

And Eleanor's greatest pleasure has always been to have the largest number of people she loves in one place at one time. Right now she's like a border collie, always trying to get me and Joel and Geneva in the same room as her. She wants us all to come downstairs and jump on the spare bed. She wants us all to go to the bookstore. This is how we spent Father's Day morning:

EVVVVVVVERYbody on the couch. I'm trying to enjoy this constant affection even though Geneva is literally on my body ALL THE TIME and there is no point in the day when someone, or several someones, isn't touching me.

We're very cozy up in here.


Karen said...

I remember when my second was born, I found myself constantly saying to the first, "I can't X right now because of the baby." So I made a point to change it up now and then. If the baby was fussing but not needing my immediate attention, I'd say (for my older one's benefit), "Sorry, baby, but can't you see that I'm tying S's shoes right now?" or "Sorry, baby, I'm making S a sandwich right now, you'll have to wait!" (I think by the time my third came along, no one was getting anything they needed right away, so the point was moot.)

Anna said...

The personal space is my most difficult part of baby-having. Our poor husbands suffer for it (at least mine does) but they are old enough to understand :)

Lisa said...

My children are 3,6 &9 and this is still the case. I never sit on the couch alone. I have dozens of pictures of all five of us crammed on one couch.

ramblin'andie said...

You are bringing back SO MANY memories with this new baby blogging. The good news is, I needed to be reminded how terrible that first little bit is, so hopefully one day you'll black it out too.

I wish I was close enough to come and hold the Genny Wren for you so you and Eleanor could escape for a bit. xxxx

ramblin'andie said...
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