Sunday, June 15, 2014

She is a person of PASSION.

Eleanor has developed a fixation with drinking coffee.  Like, she really wants to. We told her she could when she was bigger, and then a day or so later she was like, NOW I'm bigger. Now I can have some coffee to sip.

And then she was talking about how she's two, and I was like, Actually, you're closer to two-and-a-half now. And she was like, Ah, now I can drink coffee. 

I've been making her some seriously weak-ass tea with honey to help with her throat. Maybe that's been her gateway hot beverage.

She also suddenly and passionately wants to go fishing. Like, out of NOWHERE. She and Joel were headed to the park the other day, and she asked if they could go fishing, and Joel is like...? And she really wanted to and she was sad about it so finally they found a puddle and just STARED into it for twenty minutes, waiting for fish to come. This is fishing.

And when she woke up from her nap she REALLY WANTED TO GO FISHING PLEASE and she's my toddler, I like to make her happy, so I made her a fishing rod and some fish.

And she was SO HAPPY. 


highdivingboard said...

I got Jess to stop being interested in my coffee after I went to Starbucks once and they forgot to add the vanilla syrup to an iced coffee, so it was really rather bitter. I let her have one tiny sip, she hated it, and now is very clear the coffee is a mommy drink...

Vasilly said...

I love the first picture! I think all kids are fascinated by coffee. Oliver, my 10 1/2 year old, loves coffee. I don't even add sugar to my cup but he'll drink it anyway. ..

Joel said...

my daughter is a few months younger than E. she is fascinated with my coffee. i let her try some, because what kid wants black coffee? SHE LOVED IT. "ya, it's yummy."

"want just a little bit of coffee."