Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer descends in two days, calendar-wise.

We've been picnicking like fiends.

We have to. It's on our summer bucket list (to picnic like fiends).

Also on that list:

Get ice cream from the bus
Make our own ice cream
Go to the River Landing Splash Park
Go to a Taste of Saskatoon (also Ribfest. Also the Ex)
Go camping at Waskesiu
Run through the sprinklers
Make watermelon juice
Go to the zoo
Visit the pelican statue that is literally half a block from our house
Go to the Berry Barn. Also strawberry picking

What else should we do?


Vasilly said...

Get ice cream from the bus? Out here we have a ice cream truck that comes and visit various neighborhoods selling ice cream. Is the bus like that? I want to make watermelon juice and watermelon gazpacho this summer. Yum.

Rhiannon said...

Love the double decker ice cream bus! A most excellent bucket list addition. Saskatoon in the summer is like the BEST place on earth, you just can't go wrong. That being said, you totally have to go to the 8th street dairy queen once, or it just isn't the same kind of summer.