Monday, June 30, 2014

Verbal development continues apace.

I still get monthly emails from BabyCenter about Eleanor's development, and today the update on my 30-month-old (what the heck even) was like,
'Your toddler is becoming increasingly good at matching words with the objects they describe. She can name a few body parts, some colours and even a friend or two. You can help her improve her verbal skills by giving her details. If she says, "Dog sleep," for example, you might say, "Yes, Spot is curled up and fast asleep." She can't imitate your complex language patterns just yet but she's learning more all the time.' 
and I'm like, LOL FOREVER because yesterday Eleanor was chasing Joel around the house going, I'm grabbing you with my talons because I am a seagull. Which, I think she meant eagle, so I take your point, BabyCenter email.

The best thing about her right now (besides the talons) is that she doesn't think ahead, her sentences just arrive to her in dribs and drabs. You can hear each thought as it bubbles to the surface and then falls out of her mouth, because she hasn't got a filter either. 'I'm going to the village! To buy some money. For the king. Because the king has NO money.' 'I went to the zoo! And there was FIVE hippos. And they didn't have their homes. So we dug a garden.' It's like that game where each person in a circle supplies the next sentence of the story, only it's all coming out of one person.

The day her inner monologue becomes inner will be a tragic one.


blackbird said...

I loves me some Eleanor speak.

Amy said...

That last line broke my heart. You are so, so right. Please turn on your voice recorder once a day at least, and then download the file into a file every night. I promise you will be so happy later.

Chrissy said...

Wow, my 19 month old does all those things that email says. People really need to read to their kids.

Reading Rambo said...

Omg she's getting so big and people-like.