Thursday, June 12, 2014

She's a little snick-snack.

So Geneva's a month old today. I took photos. I was just importing them and a bunch of computer things happened and they got deleted, along with pictures from our day at the splash park. That's a downer. I wish I'd emailed more photos to my parents than just the one hilarious one where Eleanor's butt cheek is hanging out of her suit. Thank goodness for this one instagram I posted today.

I was reading through old Eleanor posts the other day to try to get some perspective, and I feel like Eleanor matured so much in that first month, whereas Geneva still can't do anything. This is probably because I have a toddler who, in comparison, can blow her own nose and put on her own shoes and peel a carrot. LIFE SKILLZ ERRRRWHERE.

Geneva can do stuff, I guess. She can stay awake for more than like five seconds, and she can eat a boob as long as somebody shows her where it is, and she can TOTALLY roll from front to back. Remember when Eleanor started doing that at, like, four months?

I forgot to take nakkie pics of her when she was born, which is maybe why she feels like she hasn't grown at all. She was ALWAYS this size. Let her growing begin here.

Stone-faced hurray.

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Vasilly said...

Geneva can ROLL from front to back already?! I know I'm not the only one amazed at this.