Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Things will look up.

My in-laws were here for a week, and just left on Saturday. They were our last Helpful Visitors, and we are officially on our own now as a family of four.

We are almost two days into Just Us Girls and so far no one has been murdered or even slapped!

Remember how I didn't like Eleanor very much but couldn't really fault Geneva for anything because she was a newborn and they don't mean it? Well THAT reversed in a hurry. If I end up smacking Eleanor one of these days, it won't be because she deserves it. She's being a helpful darling. It'll be because I'm at the end of my rope with Geneva, and you absolutely cannot smother your infant (despite what you might threaten them with at 3 am [look, if I can't shit-talk my baby at 3 am, what point is there in anything?]).

The last two nights have been rough. Geneva is being a complete ass and I am So Tired. Eleanor has another cold and is waking up at night as well. The thing with toddlers, though, is that even if they wake you up at night, they're so charming in the morning. Newborns are just the same rotten little creatures who won't let you get anything done LIKE JUST DRINK A DAMN COFFEE, and it makes them hard to like.

I haven't been able to coordinate their naps because Geneva likes to sleep through all of whatever we're doing in the morning and then be awake for a bit after lunch, which means that *I* haven't gotten a nap since my in-laws left. She's finally asleep now, but I'd already given up and had my coffee, so here I am, internetting.

I know that this is the hardest part, and that it only gets easier from here. I know that I'll sleep tonight, at least a little, and that Geneva will start sleeping more, and that the sun will come out eventually (what the hell, weather. You could be doing me a solid, here but you are just looming and glowering).

So many times in the last two days I've been like, Why in the HELL did I have another child? But, I mean.

These two.


blackbird said...


Constance said...

We need you closer for ALL of the above reasons and because we want to participate in the growing up and the playing and the working and the sharing. The blues and the sunny days.

So love you. And as Blackbird says. It does get better and this is why people really do have more than one child if they can. I did!

Amy said...

I am laughing so hard; you are the first truly honest mother on earth. ("Geneva is being a complete ass...") I wish so bad you lived closer - or at least in my own country! - because there is nothing I would love to do more right this minute than hold a baby or read to a toddler.

Anna {hiddenponies.com} said...

A second baby just about killed me. Expect productivity to plummet until you have your third. It's a weird, weird world.

Rhiannon said...

Oh god! The sleeplessness! Sybil is 13 months now and is still an ass about sleeping. I have told her so repeatedly over the past 13 months. As my mom loves to say- this to shall pass! But like you my parents are far away and it's hard not to have that direct support system. So here is my strange offer, my mother is in Saskatoon, and if you need a hand at any time, she would be overjoyed to help! She misses her grandaughter so much, and she has heard much about you're girls. Most days she can be found at Garden Architecture downtown, her name is Sharon Ryder.
So although it's understandably weird to take a stranger up on such an offer, don't be shy! She sort of lives for helping people, so she would be happy to watch the girls while you napped or some such.