Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hanging out, hanging in there.

This picture is my life right now. 

Geneva no more than three feet from me, directly in my line of sight. Eating, if at all possible. Her only other two settings are Actually On My Body or Crying. Eleanor is in swim lessons again, so her towel is draped over the time-out chair, which I no longer bother to put away anymore. 

I've been laughing at that picture all day because I need to laugh at SOMEthing. Geneva is SO. NEEDY. She is figuratively dying every time I put her down, so Eleanor is getting inadequate attention and it's making her feisty. I feel so terrible, because she's so self-reliant and requires so little from me and I can't even give her that right now because this baby. 

We go to BC in a week, and everyone is going to get all the attention they want. I want zero attention. I'm going to lock myself in the guest room with a coffee and a book, and nobody is going to talk to me, and it's going to be amazing. I can probably put up with these two until then.



blackbird said...

Ooooh. That time out picture GETS ME.

Anonymous said...

Eleanor's picture and her dandelion head is adorably hilarious.