Thursday, January 22, 2015

Update extravaganza!

Sooooo, how're things? Good, good. Hey, so it finally  happened, I finally drove away without unplugging my car first (you have to plug your car in when it gets below -20 or it'll freeze and won't start). Geneva was crying, Eleanor was talking at me, I had to get the stroller out of the trunk, my brain was busy. Anyway. Never do that again.

What else. I got a fitbit. Eleanor calls it my 'fitbitter.' I love it. I love seeing how many steps I take in a day, how many MORE steps I take on a Tuesday when we walk to the library, how many more steps I take than Josie (who is pregnant, so it isn't even that gratifying to gloat at her). I had to pick it up at the post office, which is inside the Shoppers, and I can fit my bike trailer through the first door of the Shoppers but NOT THE SECOND DOOR so I was stuck there, inside the vestibule, because those doors don't open from the inside, and I had to leave my girls there and go through the store and around to the outside, and ask a stranger to hold the door for me while I wrestled them back out. Never do THAT again, either.

I joined a mom walk stroller boot camp mall fitness thing. It's on Wednesday mornings, before Eleanor's swimming lessons, and the one ends just in time to boot it over to the rec center for the other. It's not the greatest workout of my life, but it's not NOTHING, and I get to talk to other grown-up persons. Everyone there has these eensy babies, these sleepy newborns and gummy two-month-olds, and I've got Eleanor reading books in the front, and Geneva staring at me out of her big old eight-month eyes to make sure I don't go more than three feet away from her.

Geneva is eating foodstuffs constantly, and she was never a great pooper and then we started solids and she became a TERRIBLE pooper and then a mom on my facebook mom's group was like, Hey, when do I start giving my baby water? And I was like OH RIGHT WATER IS A THING so I started giving her sips from a straw.

I love her little bird mouth so much.

And she's super keen on it, like it's this neat new trick she's learned, and also now she poops like a regular person. Win win.

Robyn and Ryan came down from Meadow Lake for a visit. That was back when it was HELLA COLD so we went to the Fun Factory and the girls ran around like mad things and Ben did toddler stuff and Geneva just sat there like a fat, happy turkey because Geneva's best thing is to be where other people are doing things and she can WATCH.

Joel had a birthday. Eleanor drew him a card. I bought him a growler of amber ale from the farmer's market, which I just remembered is still a thing in the winter. Baby is for size.

We ordered in noodle bowls and I made him some lava cookies out of a box, because BABIES ON MY BODY ALL THE TIME NOW I AM NOT A FUNCTIONING HUMAN BEING.

Have we talked about how I'm using the bike trailer as my main stroller? I still use the double decker for mall walks and things, but right after we got home from BC the last time, I tried walking the double to the library and the wheels aren't big enough and it had just snowed and I got stuck crossing every street and had to go around to grab the front of the stroller by Eleanor's feet and haul it to the next sidewalk, and an hour later we got to the library and I was like, Ok, we live here now because I cannot do that again all the way home. And then I remembered that we have a bike trailer with massive back wheels and that Geneva can sit up in it now, so I can fit both girls in, and I put heat bags in their laps and tuck them in with blankets and go for runs. I RUN OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW BECAUSE I AM FROM SASKATOON HEAR ME ROAR.

Geneva always falls asleep in there and it's so adorable I could die. Look how snuggly she is.

Today was so warm, and we were only walking the ten minutes home from Flip, so nobody bothered with mittens, and Geneva fell asleep but Eleanor kept trying to hold her hand anyway.

My mom emailed a while back asking about my sad boobs. Remember how sad breastfeeding used to make me? And how sad I was about the sads, because I love breastfeeding, the convenience, the snuggliness, the supreme awesome power of feeding a human being with your body, the ability to be like, Sorry I bonked your head on the side of the crib, here is a boob. Anyway, that's all better. It sort of wore its way out a few months ago, so even though I'm still nursing like five times a day (alllllllways eating), my hormones have leveled out or something and now I am FINE and it is AMAZING.

Also the weather is amazing. It's so melty. Our dance card is pretty full this week so that we don't go mental waiting for our trip to BC, but we'll save some time for stomping around in the yard because how can you not go outside right now.

I ask you.

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:) Party masks and sipping skills :) super nice post, as usual!