Saturday, January 17, 2015


Redux of last year's skatering adventure,

with the warm temperatures and the sunny day 

Only this go around, Eleanor spent zero time being frustrated, and 100% of the time laughing her fool head off.

As I was not, this time, pregnant, Joel and I took it in turns to haul Eleanor around the rink

and bite the baby's face. 

Tricky business, this. My back is (as Eleanor would say) killering me. 

And then we went for burgers. Sorry, fat hands. 

Burgers are for skaters only. 


kt said...

NOMNOMNOM burgers AND cheeks. Love the triangular support doodad. Ya'll look fabulous.

Constance said...

She's all smiles... you guys make me smile. Made my day. Luv, Mum

Reading Rambo said...

Slightly behind on reading these, but THAT IS A FIVE GUYS