Sunday, January 18, 2015

EVERYBODY reaches for a lime.

Remember Eleanor and the lime? I don't see how you could have forgotten. It has been a long and lovehatey saga.

Well. Geneva eats like a hungry bear right now. I cannot keep this kid full. I gave her her first toast finger the other day and it was amazing because it took her like ten minutes to eat and she sang to it the entire time BUT the germane point to this story is that this is her toast face:

Ack! Toast! So tangy!

And then today I was chopping things for a salad and giving her soft bits as she sat in her high chair beside me because heaven forbid I should be doing a thing that is not feeding her, and after I squeezed the limes for the dressing I gave her the rinds and GIVE me that for my mouth. 

Give me BOTH of those for my mouth. 



kt said...

And thus the Wren-ling taketh a page from the Book of Eleanor....

blackbird said...

I could watch that lime video every day.
Tiny Eleanor saying tangy is excellent.

blackbird said...
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