Thursday, January 15, 2015

Putting our gymnasticking skills to use.

I'mma do a general update post, but this is not it. This is a post about how we went to Flip Gymnastics today, which is like a six minute walk from us. Who knew. We went with friends who have been before, and who said it's not usually very busy, but a minute after we showed up, a whole daycare walked in the door. At first I was like, Ugh, other children. But they were all like, Let me help you get these rings, tiny girl. 

So that you can drop into this tube. 

And there were slides, and tunnels, and a trampoline that ran the length of the room, and Eleanor found a Piglet (as Eleanor will) and was all, Here, Piglet. I will help you as I have been helped. 

Gotta get...

Got. Gotta get YOU...

Now you hold here. 

Wheeeee, Piglet!!


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