Saturday, April 12, 2008

How much do I suck at stuff?

Ok, have I seriously not told you about my freakishly low blood pressure? So, one day in bio lab we were measuring our blood pressure for...something. And healthy is 115/80, and mine is 96/64. Which essentially means that my blood isn't moving. Also that I should eat more salt (p.s., I made both those things up. Probably I should drink more water).

So today, I went to give blood, because it's IN YOU TO GIVE, people. And every time, I think, 'Should I tell them that I have the lowest blood pressure in the world, and also that I'm a fainter?' But then what if they don't let me give blood? Also, you think someone would have written on my chart by now 'Lowest blood pressure in the world. Also, fainter.' But apparently no one has.

So they do the whole prickety-prick thing with the finger to test for anemia, and I have loads of iron, and this time I make it all the way over to the little cubicle where you fill out all those awkward questions about who you've had sex with in the last 3 months/6 months/30 years, and then I have to look around and catch a nurse's eye and wave her over because whoops! There goes the world.

So they laid me down and gave me juice, and the worse thing about coming out of a faint is that they wont let you sleep, and you're confused and pissed because they keep telling you to keep your eyes open, but your eyelids are so heavy.

So, damn. I still have all my blood. But hey, it's sunny out today!


Anonymous said...

So, yes, it's obvious I didn't read every line in HeyLady's post about how funny and endearing you are cuz I just realized you have another blog! You ARE funny!

I can't give blood either cuz I faint and I hate the feeling. Plus, I petted a monkey.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel, every time I take someone new to give blood and they are all scared I let them know that they can't POSSIBLY be as bad as you and I tell them the story of how you fainted that one time...
dont worry, your heart is in the right place.