Saturday, November 15, 2008

Open letter

Dear Yahoo Radio,

What part of 'never play again' don't you understand? Why even supply this option if you're going to keep barraging me with Bare Naked Ladies long after I've clicked the little circle-with-a-line?

I am confused. I hang out here instead of on the real radio because I can, allegedly, control what I listen to. While I love your 90's Rock Station, there is some dreck from that era I'd like to avoid.

If 'never play again' actually translates as 'play much less often,' kindly amend your labels. I won't be upset. All I want is clear communication, and more obscure bands from my Awkward Years.

Yours sincerely,



Anonymous said...

On the off chance that you might not have heard of it:

Because: Yahoo! radio? Really?

Who knew?

alan.schram said...

If you want an easy online radio player, go with Jango. I've never had them repeat songs I didn't want to hear again.