Sunday, January 04, 2009

Enviro-friendly fail

For the first time EVER in our four days here, Victoria has let us down. Joel and I drove to the nearest Superstore to do our re-stock-the-house Big Shop (meat, condiments, razor blade re-fills, all the expensive stuff), and forgot to bring our selection of re-usable bags, which we definitely have because we're, like, totally all about the environment and stuff. You know who else is totally all about the environment? The city of Victoria!! So much so that their Superstore doesn't even OFFER plastic bags. Which we found out after we'd dragged our overflowing cart and two handbaskets full of carefully-chosen foodstuffs to the counter.

And ok, I understand. If you don't have plastic bags, people have to bring their own bags, and the Earth will be so happy with you that it will let you get to second base. I get it! But it was SO MUCH WORK loading every single item back into our cart, and then into our trunk, and then out of the trunk into a pile on the kitchen floor.

The upshot of all this is that we will never.make.this mistake.again.


Shari said...

I've been wondering when stores in the Lower Mainland would start that. All of the grocery stores that we visited in France didn't offer bags as well. You could either buy a canvas one or you had to bring your own. Here in Ontario, Superstore still gives out bags for free (as do all other stores). Consequently we often forget to bring our reusable ones. But as a whole, recycling is MUCH better here, curbside that is. Glad you're loving Victoria. Now we have 2 friends that are totally in love with the island!

Anonymous said...

They can't be that serious about it or when you asked if you could just buy bags, the clerk would have gone on the intercom and said, "We have a code GREEN in aisle 2, a CODE GREEN" and the eco-police would have taken you down into a little basement room and made you read 6 David Suzuki articles and watch 2 hours of the Discovery Channel.
Yeah. It could have been worse.