Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is a fun game.

Will the student loans come through before tuition is due?

The 'Yes, you get money' email came yesterday, tuition is due on Sunday. There are three more working days for all those dollars to filter through the red tape into my account.

*holds breath*


Lisa said...

I always enjoyed the "Random" verification of income for financial aid. Really? RANDOM? Doesn't that mean I DON'T get picked every time? Cause that didn't feel so random.

"Tramie" said...

Hi! Thanx 4 dropping by my blog! I bursted out laughing reading your comment!!! U have a really cute space over here!

Aleta said...

I played a similar game in college. It was called the "will my cheating boyfriend pay back that $500 he owes me before we break up?"

I lost, but then I called his mom, and it took only a week to get it back, when I'd been waiting at least six months. Hehe.

Good luck! I think all my readers are in grad school just because they're the only ones with enough procrastination time to read my overly verbose posts. So your success in this links directly to mine, you see.