Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pantaloons, 2.0

Last weekend I went a-spending with my mother and bought a romper (you may recall).  Whether or not the romper was a useful purchase will out later in the summer, when it's warm enough to feasibly wear said romper out of doors.  Am I going to wear it every day or never?  These are my options.

ANYhoodle, that trip wasn't all potentially ridiculous purchases, because I also got a new pair of gym shorts, and I got them for $12.  I've been putting off buying gym shorts for almost a year because I didn't want to spend more than $20 and I didn't want to spend any time looking for shorts that were less than $20, so you see my bind.  But also, see my old gym shorts.

Embarassment, yes?  My t-shirt is long enough to cover those peep holes when I'm jogging, but I JUST REALIZED that when I'm down on the mat stretching, or whatever, that everyone can see how derelict I am.  So, rest in peace, old gym shorts that I accidentally stole from Chelsea (sorry, Chels).

Also being retired this year but with way more sorrow are my Trees of Mystery sweatpants. 

A roommate in Austria gave them to me in 2001, and she'd already had them for five years or so AND she'd bought them second-hand, so clearly they were hella old.  They held up against all odds until late last year when the waistband finally gave out.

There was nothing I could do.  I tried sewing them and pinning them, but the elastic was so brittle that it tore every time.  It was, I imagine, like putting sutures in old people.  Fond farewell, pants.  You have been up to many shenanigans with me.

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leahandmichael said...

i've got some sweet sweats, that i left in the valley (bad idea! i'm totally regreting it!), have had since grade 11 and are xxl. they are marvelous. you are more than welcome to raid al&joyce's basement and use them for the next 1.5 years. you will love them. they have a little sexy hole on the hip.