Friday, August 27, 2010

Pragurkreece: In Which I See Some Things Older Yet (And Maybe Climb On Them)

We took a 3-hour bus from Pamukkale to Kuşadasi, which does not change the overall look of our trip map that much.

Also, our Bus On Which We Did Not Spend An Entire Night actually was balling, with free ice cream treats and the Sea Creatures Eating Other Sea Creatures episode of National Geographic on a loop. This was the sixth bus we'd taken in just over 12 hours.

The reason people go to Kuşadasi is so they can take a day-trip to Ephesus.  Ephesus is old, y'all.  Also, old?  The Temple of Artemis.  Of which this is a pillar.

We are, you may note, standing on the pillar.  I mean, as on the pillar as one can get.  It's quite high.  This was one of the more excellent things about Turkey: They let you climb on their ruins!  I mean, this is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and I am on it.  This turned out to be less true of places that were not Turkey.

Y'anyways, then we spend a lousy two hours at the House of the Virgin Mary, which is interesting but not two-hours interesting and that is the shitty thing about group tours.  But then we went to the actual ruins of Ephesus, and it was well worth it.

This is where our camera died for real and for good, and all our pictures look like this.

Our shutter could not close at speed to save its life, so everything is horribly over-exposed.  This is where Mike and Leah step in, with their awesome, functioning camera, which is why I am currently in possession of pictures like this.  Ruins!

Ancient toilets!

The Library of Celcius!  Yes, that Celcius.

Climbing on still more ruins!

And then, because all guided tours end somewhere random where they try to get you to buy stuff, we wound up at a leather fashion show.  I did not buy this $1100 leather pimpette jacket.

And thats...about all we did in Kuşadasi.  I mean, we had drinks on the water with a pair of Australians we'd collected on the way, but there are few places we didn't have drinks on the water, with or without Australians, so that hardly feels like news.

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Esther said...

Hey I remember Kuşadasi, we also stopped there in order to visit Ephesus (school trip long, long time ago)
One of our teachers yelled at us to stop climbing on the Ephesus statues until the tour leader said 'No, no is good, is good.' and showed us how we could stand behind all the headless statues and take pictures so it looked like a statue with our head. Cool!!

I also remember street vendors with delicious bags of Turkish Delight and some cute guy shining my shoes for a dollar.