Thursday, September 29, 2011

Victoria, I have missed your face.

I have been in Victoria for four days and have hiked Mt Doug three times.  Because it is Victoria, it usually rains on us while we are hiking, and then by the time I've gotten home and showered it looks like this:

Victoria is a contrary beast.

When I'm not hiking, I go for a lot of coffee.  Or Erika (the woman at whose house we are staying) and I go for lunch.  I should have asked her years ago for eating advice, because she knows all the good places, like the alleged best donair place in town (it is tragically closed on Mondays.  We may go there next week, or I may never confirm it's 'best donair' status).  At any rate, we had to settle for a smoked meat sandwich and poutine, which we shared, obviously.  I mean, come on.

La Belle Potate, you guys.  Serves mainly truckers and mechanics and hungry pregnant women.  Will give you extra pickles if you appear to be gestating.  The non-small poutine seemed like a mistake, but upon further reflection (the next day at lunch, while we ate the leftovers crisped up in the toaster oven) was probably the right idea.

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