Tuesday, July 02, 2013

We have moved!

We are in Saskatoon. We don't get Internet til Friday so all you get are pixelly photos from my phone.

Our new house is beautiful, and there's plenty of room for Eleanor to roam. Or, there will be, once we get all these boxes out of here. BOXES. 

Eleanor is being both amazing and horrible, since this whole experience is both delightful and terrifying to her. NEW SPACES HURRAH! CHANGE, EGADS. 

Thank goodness for my parents, who showed up on Wednesday with a tape gun, four rolls of tape, and two extra sets of hands. They are keeping Eleanor out of mischief, and mostly out of that crazy part if her brain that hates everything. 

Yesterday we called off work early and went to Diefenbaker Park for some Canada Day festivities. Eleanor got a balloon, with which she was (and is currently right now) thrilled, and sat VERY STILL to have her face painted. 

She's a butterfly. 

It was good to be out in the air in the sun, and Eleanor finally had the undivided attention of ALL her people, not just one at a time.

By the end of today, we should be done unpacking. There's a restaurant down the road called the Cheesetoast, where we're going for dinner. Eleanor is happily re-arranging some packing paper. 



Anonymous said...

Nice kitchen upgrade!

blackbird said...

Welcome home.

You are still too far away from me.

alice c said...

Happy landings! Especially to Miss Butterfly.

Reading Rambo said...

Girl, you are looking NICE. And I tip my cap to you. Or would if my head weren't too big for hats.