Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Great Baby Compare, Vol. 1

I keep meaning to write an enormous Compare and Contrast post, because what's the point of HAVING two children if you can't use them as foils for each other? But I'm obviously never going to be that comprehensive, so let's begin a series.

Have at it.

Geneva has the longest, thinnest feet of any feet, ever. My sister calls them little rat feet. Eleanor's calves just sort of become toes, which is why it took her so long to walk, and why it was so hard to keep shoes on her. It was like trying to keep shoes on a table leg. Geneva has absolute paddles, which Joel and I think mean she'll be enormously tall. Certainly she'll start walking before 17 1/2 months.

Eleanor was the best eater of any baby, ever. That child came out of the womb latching on to anything that moved, even if she had just eaten, like, ten minutes ago. If it wasn't a boob, though, she would spit it out after a second and look at you OFFENDEDLY, which is why she only ever took a soother or a bottle with reluctance and suspicion. Newborn Geneva couldn't latch worth a damn. She's still terrible at it, and 'HNNNNNH's at me in frustration because she can't find the nipple that is in her mouth. And then sometimes I'm like, Second boob? And she's all, I'll pass. ELEANOR WOULD NEVER HAVE PASSED ON A SECOND BOOB. That being said, if she's hungry, Geneva will suck on anything for as long as it's there. A hungry Eleanor was COMPLETELY UNSOOTHEABLE but Geneva will take a pacifier or a finger or whatever and just hang out until a boob becomes available.

I don't so much swaddle my babies as attack them with blankets until they can't move their arms. All babies hate the swaddling process, but Eleanor would give in as soon as you had one arm pinned, like, Ahhhh, you got me. Geneva fights it to the last, all DON'T TREAD ON ME, and even once she's completely immobile you can see her little fists working to get out, even after she's asleep. Geneva has a two-blanket minimum or she is out of there so fast.

Both my babies balded/are balding like dudes. 

Such foxy ladies.

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