Monday, September 07, 2015


The weather is terrible.

But we are going to the festivals anyway.

Where else am I going to get a balloon narwhal?

(I asked the Balloon Funn Man if he could, purely on a hypothetical basis, make a narwhal, and he was like...Do you want me to make you a narwhal? Because I totally can.)

But the weather, though. Even the bouncy castles were soaked, so rain suits all the way.

Geneva got her face painted, and the painter was like, As long as you keep sitting here so still I'm going to keep adding fancies.

She's so fancy. Eleanor, obviously, is a blue bat.

She can flap his wings by waggling her eyebrows and why I didn't get a video of this, I'll never know.

We rode in the tiniest ferris wheel. There was, like, nobody there so you just rode the ferris wheel until you hammered on the side and then he stopped and let you off.

The princesses came, and Eleanor was all, LOOK AT MY BLUE BAT I CAN FLAP HIS WINGS WITH MY EYEBROWS

and then I'm like, Hey Eleanor, smile for a picture, and suddenly she's all like *stoneface*

Anyway, it was mostly just wet and cold and not actively raining, and I ate a deep-fried bread pudding so SUCCESS.

We went to the farmer's market. Geneva does this thing now where she affectionately blows on you, but she, like, WINDS UP for it.

Like, it's this huge production and it is hilarious and I cannot stop laughing at her doing it. It continued to be cold and damp but not actually raining, so.

Then Joel and I went on a date and I wore my best expandable dress

because of all the sushi I wanted to eat.

By this morning, we were done being cold and wet so we just went to the Fun Factory to rearrange their furniture.

Joel left for his week-long rural stint, and we threw ourselves a party because it's a big day.

Tomorrow is a big day, too.


Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Mom is the only one in our family who has attractive handwriting.

blackbird said...

It's good to get this kind of backstory sometimes.
Just sayin.

kt said...

You had me at fried bread pudding.

Also your dress is a triumph and you look MAHVELOUS!