Monday, March 14, 2016

Body, you are LETTING ME DOWN.

So, I'm still dying over here. But dying less? Dying to a lesser degree? And for the last five days, I've been dying quietly in my bed, with a book, while my children run amok in the living room with my mother and all I can hear are cheerful little voices saying, Let's go to the dark cave! Don't forget all your gear!

So my mom came to look after us and to pick up the spoons that Geneva keeps dropping and to put Eleanor to bed and to tidy my kitchen. Looking after children is SO MUCH BODYWORK and you don't realize it until your body is a hopeless pile of aches and night sweats.

I thought for sure we'd be better by the time she got here, but then we WEREN'T and when we picked her up from the airport, I cried because I was so relieved and so tired. I have been yelling at my kids. I yelled at Eleanor one night because she was having a coughing fit at like 2am and I had the chills and just wanted to creep back into my bed but she WOULDN'T TAKE A SIP OF WATER and I could hear Geneva waking up in the next room and I was so mad. So that was pretty fun, I guess, to see how lousy my parenting could get.

And then we dropped my mom off at the airport today, and we weren't ready but she had to leave sometime and really, are we ever ready. The weather is amazing, it's been in the double digits and we've been MISSING IT and it's supposed to snow tonight and then continue snowing forever, world without end.

But we planted a thing in some marbles in a jar, and it's sprouting, so that's something.


Constance said...

Hey my sweeties. I'm home safe and sound. There's no place I'd rather be than with the ones who can use my help whom I love so dearly. Espeically my own little girl. You are such a great MUM! I see it all the time and it makes me warm and happy. My visit was a gift from your dear and thoughtful dad. It was his idea that I go! love love love More than words.......

Pam said...

Well, I do hope the dying wears off soon. I'm not biased by being your mother but I think you're such a great mum too (I'm surprised that your mum spells it "mum", not "mom".) Glad that you got some time in bed, at least.