Monday, November 21, 2016

Dinovember also is a thing!

Eleanor saw some Christmas decorations up on somebody's house and she was like, Well maybe they don't celebrate Dinovember.

We celebrate Dinovember! November is long, and full of terrors. And RAIN. The rain is draining my will to live; it is either raining or has just stopped raining and may start again. OK BUT ANYWAY so thank goodness for deconstructable dinosaurs.

I found this stencil book at the thrift store. Eleanor has been making dinosaur cards for everyone she knows.

Made herself a sweet wall hanging, too! (Those mushrooms are volcanoes.)

Geneva, reading a dinosaur book to a dino. 'It's you, stegosaurus, it's YOU!'

We grew some dino sponges from pills.

We made salt dough

and then stamped the feeties in the salt dough and then matched the resultant feety coins to the dinosaurs.

We done some coloring.

We made volcanoes (Geneva kept referring to the lava as 'candelabra' and I never corrected her).

We painted dinos

and other dinos.

The dinos have been in the playdough.

And we have done several kinds of excavating. 'So much of Dinovember is excavating!' says Eleanor, delightedly.


Lois said...

Lucky Little Learner Things!

This stuff you do makes my teacher heart sing.

I am retired from the classroom, but, I carry the memories of all the kiddies who did not know how to use a small-motor-muscle, who did not know how to bask in a theme that required personal input, who did not know how to relate three-dimensions-to-pictures-to-words.

Rachel, Teacher of Things, My heart Sings.

Pam said...

The stuff you do makes my teacher heart sing too. I taught some of the same kiddies that Lois mentioned when they were between 16 and 70, and believe me, it still mattered that their parents (I assume)didn't do this sort of stuff with them. Your sweet girls won't precisely remember any of this, but the foundation you're building will be with them forever. And you can also show them the blog.