Friday, April 28, 2017

Easter beasts

Oh hello. Yes it has been a while. We have had some extremely busy weekends, and then I put the girls in swim lessons but I couldn't get them in at the same time so we have been at the pool four times a week all month and it is a LOT.

But I'm here now, so let's go back in time like three weeks. To Easter! Easter has historically been Joel working all weekend and me trying to find the most time-consuming egg-dyeing project I can. But now, we are busy and important people who have to squeeze our activities around school and things (jk there is still so much day in the day, preschool is short, and also Joel still worked all weekend).

Also, we have all these new things to check out! Like, where is a good Easter bunny! Is it at the corn maze? I tell you what is at the corn maze, is an orchard full of just like hundreds of eggs. And you go 'find' as many as you want!

And then go put them down this chute!

And then go collect your goodie bag! And then go get your face painted like a bunny!

Or a yoonicorn!

(Ok this is some terrible face painting but only because we have snobbish tastes.)

There's also a beebee goat.

There's also a hay bale maze.

Oh look there IS an Easter bunny!

There's also a bouncing pillow.

Or SAND, if the pillow is too much for you.

And a...pole cow?

And tether ball.


And an ENORMOUS tire.

And a puddle. Get those skirts WAY up, girl.

And then LATER THAT DAY, we did that thing where you shave up bits of crayon and then sprinkle it on your eggs straight out of the boiling water, and the crayon bits melt all down the egg.

And then you dye them afterwards.

I'm always surprised when things I let the kids mostly do come out looking great but THEY CAME OUT LOOKING GREAT.

And then we started our paska sponge because we didn't actually have all day Sunday to make buns, we have family stuff now!

The next morning, we added things to the sponge

like flour (look at those leetle helper hands omg)

and went outside to blow bubbles and then like had a bath, I dunno, other time-killey things and this part felt very familiar

 but then we punched down the paska dough

and then ballsed it into balls

and then everyone took a nap while I baked it,and Eleanor did all the sprinkling because Geneva was doing a sleep.

Took the kids to grandma and grandpa's, did an egg hunt.

Geneva just surreptitiously ate all the hard-boiled eggs when no one was looking.

It was also Grandma's birthday.

There was a lot of sugar to run off.

And then we rolled our butts home. MONDAY we had our own little egg hunt at our own little house.

I LOVE IT I want to hide eggs and have them hunt for them every day.

Which, ok, is kind of what Eleanor does for like four days after Easter, until I put the eggs away.

I found some MASSIVE eggs this year, so I could put, like, Wonder Woman and Bumblebee in them instead of just junky garbage.

But obviously also some junky garbage. 

And then because it was Monday, the girls watched a movie (with their baskets, natch)

and then it was OVER.


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So lovely!

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I love you.

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