Monday, October 30, 2017


Once again, Halloween is here and I love it so much. Everybody wearing skelejams!


Paint that vampire, Geneva.

DECORATIONS. I thought this guy might be just on the other side of the horrifying line but the girls looooove him. Geneva calls him 'Mr Peek-a-boo' and spends every breakfast exasperated with him. 'Mr Peek-a-boo keeps trying to play peek-a-boo with me but I need to be eating my food.'

Geneva's first day of preschool, she ACTUALLY NAPPED so Eleanor and I had a chance to build this foam house. We learned from last year and just brought out the glue gun straight away.

Got a bone snake for the stairs; both girls make a point of screaming at him whenever we walk past, even if we are mid-conversation.

My new house is amazing, there're just way more places to put stuff like a disembodied hand.

This marvelous beastie finally went on sale enough for me to spring for him.

This pensive sir is also new, but he is from the dollar store.

We got an 'Is It Too Early For Halloween' donut from the cafe one pro-d day and I was like, Sirs it is the 20th, you know it's not.

Made black death waffles again. It's like, how much more black could they be? (I feel like maybe a little more black. Catch me next year.)

Eleanor has been asking to 'make a potion' and been drawing up lists of potion ingredients and tools she would need so one day I just...gave them some kitchen junk and let them make potions.

We made some skeleton pretzels. Literally all I had to do was melt the chocolate and put it in the bag.


We did a dry run of the costumes today and they look so good I am so excited tomorrow is gonna be so good.

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Pam said...

I'm slightly baffled by the American Halloween but I love your parenting!