Monday, September 17, 2007

And now back to your regularly-scheduled trivial pursuits

Joel and I spent Saturday applying for med school (him), idly reading Blake's 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell' (me) and watching Season Three of The Office (us), periodically chanting 'Jim and Pam! Jim and Pam!' (me again). It did not disappoint. Before we knew it, it was 11:30 and we were surrounded by empty popcorn bowls and Burger King wrappers, staring at the end frame of the disk. In a way, it's intensely pleasing to have covered a whole season in one day. Whenever I re-watch an episode, it will bring me back to that long, luxurious morningafternoonevening in my sweatpants, methodically eating my way through the cupboards, with my chosen life-companion by my side alternately molting from the stress of med school applications and eyeing my double cheeseburger, telling me that so much meat this late at night is going to give me burger-mares, and that I'd better let him have a few bites (the fact that I did have a series of weird dreams involving piranhas is irrelevant). At the same time, there's something to be said for savoring a season one episode at a time (I don't mean watching it in syndication like a fool, because who does that? I mean an episode for lunch, and then another for dinner, and maybe one to fall asleep). I find it easier to remember key lines, and thus to quote them ad nauseum when I've only watched an episode or two. Perhaps it is the better way. Still, when you have nothing but day ahead of you, and such a tasty season, it's hard to say no.


September said...

Here's the thing about Jim.
We all l.o.v.e. him because of the character he portrays on the office. And it probably gets him a LOT of girls and five minutes after realizing that every woman in North America loves how thoughtful and sweet and boy-next-door handsome he is, he turned into a total jerk and isn't like our Jim at ALL.

I don't like him anymore.
Pam, don't get your heart broken by this ego maniac.

September said...

I'm eating home made egg rolls. Um, I made them and they're awesome. And totally fat free. You should get Jane and Andrea and come over.