Saturday, September 29, 2007

Computer ha ha

We received an e-vite to a party held just upstairs and, thinking that I'm hilarious, I checked off 'I am interested in carpooling' because hey, funny joke. Five minutes later, I got an email from e-vite telling me to enter in my carpooling information.

'Come, on e-vite,' I say, 'I was just joking. We live downstairs.'

'It's an algorithm,' Joel says, 'that is, a well-ordered collection of unambiguous and effectively computable steps that lead to a result and stop in a finite amount of time, and as such, has no sense of humor.'

Addendum (Disclaimer: Joel badly wants me to blog the conversation following, and I do not do so of my own volition)

Joel: How many states begin with the letter 'B'?

Me: None. I used to know all the states and their capitals.

Joel: Oh yeah, you grew up in America. I shouldn't ask you America-themed questions. Ok, how many provinces begin with the letter 'B'?

Me: Also none.


Jacki said...

I read this to Brandon (half american) he laughed. "she's a little more than half american" he says.

Rebekah said...

is it Banitoba?