Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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Greets, friends. Long time no see, and all that. Weekend was MAD busy, Joel's sister got hitched. I'm studying literature circa French Revolution in two of my classes, I have begun referring to this barrage of weddings as the Reign of Terror. I don't mean it. I'm so terribly happy for all the people getting married, and the weddings are all lovely and eventful and calorie-laden, and I only complain because I am all funned out! The Terror was to have ended this coming weekend with Casey and Lara's wedding, but LESS THAN A WEEK AGO we got invited to another matrimonial hullabaloo for the weekend following. If this keeps up, we should have back-to-back weddings until February, when my brother gets married. On Groundhog Day. I maintain that, as some people release doves, Matt and Gillian should release groundhogs. Particularly this big fat one.


H'anyways, the reason I'm only posting now (it is Tuesday, mind) is because, since the weekend, the Internet has been acting quirky and lovable (read: finicky and childish) and I haven't been able to do much of anything on it. Today I was finally able to get on to such treasures as Blogger, Wikipedia, and Google Images (see: groundhog) but I still can't get into Bloglines and Facebook. Alas.

Perhaps it's best. I have an assignment due Thursday that I just found out about today.


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